Really the issue is this, globally no lives matter…not a single one. All lives are threatened by an international anti-life agenda, that has always existed, but is on cocaine and steroids right now.

As we awaken to the sheer horror of what this is…well…it’s nearly impossible to comprehend. But life is not valued on this planet, and we’re talking animal and plant life as well. Why do bombs exist? This is a question that there is no logical or sane answer to…especially the way they are being used now.

The answer is to kill living things. But why? Just to kill them. But why? No reason really, for fun. They are in the way.

If the bombing is far and away from you, you have the luxury of being oblivious to it. But the thing is…this violent mindset? This anti-life agenda? It is contagious.

We ignore it at our own peril.

Working with the Light!

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