We are all composed of infinite divine energy, we need to remember it and act accordingly

Mind, Body, Spirit Activity — Day 6 — Remembering Your Divinity (Forgiveness Dinner)

This daily activity has been prepared for Day 6 of the Abundance Challenge (Click here for full instructions to the challenge.)

Everything I desire is within me.

Motto — Everything I desire is within me.

Mantra — Ram — stop, stand still, rest, rejoice, be pleased!

The activity for today is remembering our divinity. We will start simply. Let’s take out our abundance journals and begin by writing down all the people, places and things that take our energy, throw us off our centers; and in short, cause us to forget our divinity.

Let’s try to understand how and why we allow people, objects and entities external to us, to interfere with our eternal and infinite nature. We must never look outside ourselves for any sort of validation.

There is absolutely nothing that we want that can be found outside of ourselves.

Looking for eternal validation is a trap that is the cause of so much 3D unhappiness and dissatisfaction. If you do this, you are believing that you are something else other than, what God created. Stop believing this.

Remember that amazingly abundant creative space that we created on Day 4 of this challenge?

And remember how we invited everyone that we knew into our amazing and impressive abundant space?

Well…for today, we are going back to that very special space, with someone very special. For this activity, I ask you to bring an image of someone, someone who has always bothered you, stood in your way, or has done something to you, that you feel is really very bad. Maybe you even think this person has done something unforgivable. I need for you to get an image of this person in your mind.

Keep this person and you place of abundance in your mind (as you slowly count down from 25 to 0, while breathing deeply.

Today, we are going to experiment with the Silva Method of meditation. This method of meditation is designed to put you in direct contact with people and information that you need to access certain information in your life.

By counting down to from 25 to zero, while breathing deeply, you are in a state of mental functioning, called alpha state, where brainwave frequency is seven to fourteen hz. According to the Silva meditation method, in the alpha state, we can reach out directly to people in a nonphysical way.

And so, counting down from 25, consider someone whom you need to forgive, and invite them over for a nice dinner. Go to your abundant space and prepare a special and loving meal for this individual, with love.

Set an intention to forgive this person, no matter how they show up!

And keep in mind, that even in the alpha state in your mind, they may show up in a very 3D way. They may be angry, hostile, unforgiving, and competitive in nature. Sadly, the 3D world teaches us that violence of all kinds and competition are perfectly acceptable ways for people to relate to one other, but this is a very dense, very old 3D way of being. It needs to clear, so that it can change; and you can change it.

Bring this person who has always caused you so much difficulty, into the center of your mind and forgive them. (Even if it is only in the privacy of your own mind, forgive them!)

And as you do this remember this to concentrate on the feelings of your heart. Try to make your heart very happy as you tell yourself, finally I will be lighter as I forgive you, and here is what I think of forgiveness:

Forgiveness is the key to happiness — Lesson 121

Forgiveness offers everything I want — Lesson 122


There is a silence into which the world cannot intrude. There is an ancient peace you carry in your heart and have not lost. There is a sense of holiness in you the thought of sin has never touched. — Lesson 164

With these thoughts in mind have an honest conversation (or as honest a conversation as you feel you can have) with the person that you need to forgive.

You would be so surprised by how much space offering true forgiveness twill clear up in your heart and your mind for the manifestation of many visions of abundance!

After this Silva method meditation into forgiveness, be sure to write down how this activity made your feel. If you weren’t able to completely forgive the person in question, at least write down what you were able to do, and what you feel is blocking your ability to forgive.

Remember, forgiveness is the key to unblocking your manifesting abilities! Let’s do it!

Love and Light and Inner Peace to You All!

Amli, your Everyday Lightworker

Working with the Light!

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