Right. You are on point with all of this. Democrats lash out, (and this has always been the case) out of fear. I remember when we were voting for Bush for a second term, my super Democratic friend was outraged that I wasn’t doing more than voting. She wanted me to be on the campaign trail with her, and driving people around. When I told her my two sides, same coin theory, she went ape shit.

The fear comes from a real place. I remember her screaming at me about how she was voting for her daughter, who has a right to choose, and the Pubs were trying to take that away from her.

She wasn’t wrong. And this is why people say elections have consequences.

But the problem is…we are putting to much energy into a group that shields us from horrible consequences, instead of advocating for a group that produces good outcomes. And that’s what we want, better outcomes.

The Republican Party has become the toxic abusive man, so desperate his wife is leaving (because he is a violent and miserable fucking human being) that he decides to kill her. (Pubs defend mens right to do this (they clearly think this is a right) and oppose the Violence Against Women Act which provides protection against this.

The Democratic Party is all the systems in our society that stand around watch this happening and largely do nothing.

So let me make this plain: the Pubs are trying to kill us (all of us) and the Dems are on the sidelines watching, twiddling their effin thumbs, like they always do.

I have a good idea as to why this is…both parties are reporting to some largely indifferent force, that views humanity as chattel…a resource at its disposal. Saying things like this:

“Let’s unleash a virus on them! A crazy virus! Shut down the economy, see how they deal with that!”

“Let’s test a “vaccine” on them! Tell them it will save their life, they can’t go anywhere without it! They will be dying to get it! Will pay anything for it!”

The politicians don’t answer to US, only those with lots of money and the desire to keep making it off of us. They are a force largely indifferent to our lives, even when they pretend to care. No corporation gives a damn about black lives…please…but if it will make more money to say so…they will paint it on the streets.

Biden changes none of this. He chants “Black Lives Matter” while smirking and winking at Wall Street. He claims to abhor violence against women, despite all of his unapologetic touchy feelies…and Anita Hill and Tara Reid.

All hostile democrats are saying really,(and they are right) is your touchy/feely molesting Uncle who puts you through college, is a better uncle than your psycho killing small animals, raping children, selling kiddy porn and gives you 20 bucks to keep quiet about it uncle.

There are degrees of depravity. Dems always argue, (vehemently) for the lesser depravity…they are not wrong…but depravity is fucking depravity and it’s insanity to silence people about this. There is a critical need to speak out. Silence is complicity in a form of depravity.

And people are tired of complicity…black lives matter.

Working with the Light!

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