Robert Frost said “education is the ability to listen to almost anything.” Notice how he said “almost.” I came across the Alt-right via an internet search on anti-feminism. I just wanted to understand the concept. Via these searches, I come across a particular type of female internet celebrity — Anne Coulter copies, espousing nonsensical rhetoric, which if you value your intelligence, if you value your ability to think, you won’t waste any time with it. It’s largely propaganda, designed to circumvent critical thinking by hitting the fear button hard. Now what is behind that? That’s the real valuable information, but it’s not going to be accessible. So if you are a critical thinker, what options are available? The information being presented is garbage. It is nothing you can make sense of or understand. The real information is hidden, so trying to understand the alt-right, if you’re a critical thinker, is largely pointless.

Working with the Light!

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