Satire…again, that walks the line. What are you even saying here Steve, I honestly do not know! Are you saying there’s no such thing as racism? White supremacy? Sigh…not surprising. We have all sorts of Tower of Babel situations brewing feel free to join the madness.

It’s far from a new thing, the whitelash against Obama and what he represented (a supposed black man, but really he’s more of a tan man doing really well financially.)

We have a very long history of this shift. It’s nothing new, and not surprising in the least, if you’re black. It tends to be pushed deep into sub conscious terrain if you’re white.

Like why is it that in the small southern town, here in Virginia, where the Nat Turner revolt occurred, no one in the town talks about it publicly to this day? It is literally not allowed. That is some twilight zone shift. Everyone in the town knows about it, and yet everyone refuses to talk about it. And they’re still mad! (Both blacks and whites in the town, still, to this day, angry about it.)

And little unknown fact to whites, many Blacks resent Obama deeply for the whitelash. They knew it was coming, as soon as he took office. Well, you might be wondering, why did they vote for him. Same as everyone else. They were hoping for change…and they got it. For the worst.

Anyway, this new rash of racist expression is less to do with Obama and more to do with the times and the Trump platform making it acceptable. There have always been white supremacists, running their compounds and camps. There has always been and especially in the South, an incredibly tense racial dynamic, that is akin to what happens in abusive relationships. These things have always been.

It’s just that these days, white supremacists are feeling more hip and cool and in demand. They are likely to get more passes in this political climate so they’re out there, pounding the pavement. Seeking recruits, holding rallies, etc.

The times, they are unstable. People are looking for answers wherever they can find them. For white people, (and especially in the South where it was born and bred) white supremacy is as good a religion as any of em.

As for America being in trouble, race relations has always been America’s trouble. It’s ever unending holocaust. And that’s not changing anytime soon, just the way in which people react to it, has. All these new fangled terms: identity politics, cucks, white genocide, (probably happening, but it ain’t black or brown people orchestrating it, more like Big Pharma) snowflakes, white privilege, white fragility, black lives matter, mansplaining (okay that’s sex, not race). But you get my point. People are twisting themselves into to pretzels coming to terms with what has always been. It sure is interesting.

Identity politics- what a generic meaningless phrase. Identity has always been a part of politics. I don’t even know what the hell people are talking about when they rail against identity politics! It’s like saying “human politics.” Yeah humans are political. And? What are you even saying? Everyone has an identity, and they have to bring their identity to their politics, whatever the politics are. Like running around in togas and those leafy crowns wasn’t all about identity politics? It surely was.

I hate the degradation of normal words like “liberal” which essentially means free…what the hell is wrong with freedom? Nothing. But even worse than that, I hate the degradation or exultation of meaningless words or phrases, like “identity politics” or “covfefe.”

People are driving themselves to mental retardation with these ridiculous terms, and for what? To find away to avoid or have conversations or to have and/ or avoid utterly ridiculous conversations. I say covfefe!!

It’s a global Tower of Babel situation.

Anyway, I have no idea what this post was about. The fact that white supremacy is on the rise? Yeah I know. The fact that it isn’t? You’re too funny!

The fact that some Trump supporters don’t identify with those identity politics? Well that’s their business! But a lot of them do, and they have made their preferences known. I think AI’s shout out to them is honest…and they should give him his likes!

Working with the Light!

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