Say what now? This is super confusing. Scotland is a nation that is part of the UK right? (as is Ireland, Wales and Great Britain- that’s basically the UK, right?) And all of those nations are leaving the EU, right? Or is it just Great Britain that is leaving?

I actually believe I was Scottish in a past life. (i know what you’re thinking…here she goes….but I do!) I have my reasons. The first…I have always known what the highlands were. Always. Always had in image of them in my mind, as a kid…before the internet…before I ever saw pictures of the highlands. Also, as a kid, I was obsessed with Stonehenge. Felt like it really meant something…that it was some how important in ways that I could not explain. I never understood why. Finally, as a kid, I loved plaid. Loved it..and would wear all different types at once…which I of course learned was not appropriate…but I don’t know, I just loved it.

As a child I never connected any of this stuff to Scotland. I didn’t even know that there was a Scotland. I just knew what I liked. What jolted my recollection of the highlands, was this song, about it, and hearing it as a kid, I was like, highlands! Yeah I vaguely remember them.

However, a few years back, I stumbled on this show called Outlander. It’s a show about a British women, from 1940, getting transported back to 1760 Scotland, via this Stonehenge looking landmark. Oh my God…I had such a strong reaction to this show, that just defies all explanation. What was happening between the British and the Scots back in the 1760s, upset me so deeply. I was having a very visceral reaction to what went down between those two factions…feeling like, I had some kind of dog in that fight…which clearly by all accounts I don’t…unless you account for the fact that I have a little Scottish DNA, but I wouldn’t think I have enough to really care much about those battles, or to feel deep in my heart (which I do!) that the Scots were wronged. That I should feel upset about the fact that their culture was destroyed…that I should take it so personally…like those damn redcoats! They’re horrible! That I should love that song, The Bonnie Ladd, as if it’s my freaking national anthem. But I did.

I mean the British built an Empire that went around the world terrorizing everyone…even Americans. We have our little stories about the Revolutionary war, none of that bothers me at all. Anyone who has seen Ghandi, knows how brutal the British were to the Indians. The British, for all of their criticism of American racism, started the transatlantic slave trade…I believe. They have treated blacks at least as horribly as white Americans have. None of that bothers me. The horrible things they did to the Irish…yeah…it’s bad but, I figure they are British, it’s what they do. In fact I tell people, if you had any idea what the British did to the Irish and the Scottish, you’d understand, that the Africans never had a chance! With any of them! (The British, Irish or Scottish…and I say that because all of those varieties of white are in America…all have histories with racism. I mean everyone is racist, but I’d say all three of those groups, want to treat Africans, like the British treated the Irish and the Scottish- which was horrific.) So…given all that, why does it bother me so that the British brutalized the Scots? The Scots are far from perfect. Once in America, they engaged in a fair share of brutality against African slaves, so…everyone got brutalized by someone, ultimately. Why I do I feel that the Scots didn’t deserve the British brutality they endured? Why don’t I feel that way about the Irish? What about Wales (What the hell is that and how is it separate from Great Britain? If Prince Charles…is the Prince of Wales, doesn’t it have to be a part of Great Britain?) I mean I definitely have a strong preference, in that I feel, quite irrationally, that the Scottish are the most well-adjusted out of all of those nationalities, over there. I have no objective evidence to back this up. I just feel like, people from the highlands are special. I can’t articulate why. But I’d like to visit since I feel like have some sort of connection. While visiting Providence, Rhode Island, in America, I had the feeling, somewhere, I know this geography…it reminds me of the highlands…and it was almost as if I could pull up a memory of an experience of life in the highlands. Like how weird is that?

I’d like to see, the highlands, Stonehenge and maybe London. Nothing else on that island holds any interest for me.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!