Says someone who has clearly never worked in DC. It is nearly impossible to politicize those agencies. President’s can only appoint people at the top, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Everyone else has been in place for years and years and years. They are of both political parties and sure they fight political battles amongst themselves, but everyone comes under the same federal regulations which are designed not to allow one political party or another take over.

But pretty much, everyone at every agency knows how to survive any president that comes to office. This is what federal workers do best. They know every four or eight years they have a new King…so they adjust accordingly. There are no deep infiltrations of one party or another. There are just people who do their jobs, and if the President’s politics happen to coincide with theirs, they will probably do it better under that particular administration.

Fox News (well really the opinions provided) are designed to mislead you and get you to cite these opinions as though they were fact. You keep doing that, and yet you have attacked me repeatedly for lacking evidence. You lack evidence for most of the outrageous things that you say, which all sound like sound bites from Fox News opinion pieces. (Still waiting to see you cite from the ACA, the plans for “indigent Mexicans.”)

A screaming Sean Hannity does not procure any facts or evidence of anything. “This is deep state now.” Yeah I am sure Hannity and all of his ilk are saying that, even though it means nothing. Except that they have coined another phrase to terrify feeble and bad addled brains.

I guess a really simplistic view of the government is comforting to people who clearly have no understanding how Washington works.

“Deep state.” Really? I am sure there is one…but it sure as hell is not the IRS or NASA.

CIA and FBI surely have always had “deep state” tendencies, but that has nothing to do with Obama. They’ve been that way since inception and this is nothing new. So all this Obama espionage crap, is just a way for Fox News to keep it’s Viewers hooked to it’s fictional political soap opera.

CIA and FBI, those agencies don’t bow down to any president. That was Trump’s first mistake, for him to try and force any kind of “loyalty.”

This was Trump’s mistake. Nothing to do with Obama. Trump has tried to get these agencies to kiss his brass ring…they don’t do that. Now we see them fighting back, viciously.

Trump was right about Comey though. He is quite a “showboat” who is running the exact same kind of con on Trump that Trump runs on other people. Game recognizes game. Comey is loving every minute of his 15 minutes of fame; and feeling good that he is giving Trump a run for his money.

As for everyone who keeps saying there is nothing going on with Russia, you are being ridiculous. There is clearly crazy financial connections between Trump people and Russia! These financial connections (of which there is clear evidence, if someone loans someone a billion dollars (coughkushner), there is evidence of that! That is also quite a conflict of interest! (For a high ranking government official to owe billions to a foreign government!) WTF is wrong with people who want to pretend like that’s nothing to talk about? Really?

And don’t get me started on the kids with cancer…whose donations were given to Trump, because he needed that money, more than the kids with cancer, right? And democrats aren’t even people. Neither are kids with cancer, which is why it’s perfectly acceptable to steal from them. That’s Fox News logic for you.

There is a huge cloud over the Trump administration, and Trump put it there. He is doing all of the same crooked things as Hillary Clinton, in less sophisticated ways, and yet the Fox News crowd has the audacity to just ignore them, blindly, and keep yammering on about her and Obama. Why is that? They are both old news. Obama is nowhere to be seen these days.

Trump and his people are about as rancid corrupt as they come. Pointing this out doesn’t mean I hate him. Only simpletons think like that. Only stupid people form those kind of really simple thoughts. This isn’t about love or hate or fear or any of those basic emotions. If that is the level you operate from them you will always be someone’s pawn, because people who are like that are so easy to manipulate. Im not stupid and I am not manipulated by any of those emotions.

I do however recognize Trump for what he is. A conartist that knows no limits. I don’t hate him, nor do I love him. But here’s what I am not doing, falling for the con.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!