Says the person who obviously has no clue as to what is really happening with illegal immigrants. Just FYI, a lot of them are sold into slavery (sex slavery if you want to get really specific, where a single young girl can be forced to sleep with 70 men a day.)

Paying for sex is a crime, as is sleeping with children, and yet this is at epidemic proportions. Why don’t you invest some of this anti-immigrant sentiment into anti-pediphelia sentiment, and build the case for extensive prosecution of that.

The fact that you consider someone who tries to stop this sort of thing an “idiot” speaks to the sort of values that you must have.

Anyway, for people who want to stop the massive amounts of slavery and human exploitation occurring on American soil, this is sound advice. Know the law, and if you are going to break it, (which I don’t advise, find resources that will allow you to work within the law, they do exist) for god sakes don’t announce it to everyone.

Working with the Light!

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