Screaming “lock her up” in groups is reminiscent of lynch mob mentality. It is NEVER a good idea to incite large crowds with anger and rage, this inevitably it leads to violence. Our country has a very sound history of this with lynch mobs resorting to vigilant justice, which isn’t justice at all, just angry mobs acting like animals and brutally murdering people to release that rage. It is not responsible behavior for anyone, much less a president to be engaged in. Trump supporters who assaulted people at rallies have been prosecuted and sued for these assaults. This sort of behavior should and does have consequences.

None of the Bernie Sanders supporters were chanting “kill Trump.” But Ted Nugent, a Trump supporter explicitly talked about the manner in which he would kill Obama. You can’t be outraged about one, and yet totally dismissive of the other. This lends itself to a lack of integrity and credibility on your part. It seems as though you don’t really have any objection of violence, just violence directed at whoever you feel should be in power.

It is truly tragic the people are now resorting to violence to express their dissatisfaction with the political process, but it is happening on both sides and Pubs have certainly played a huge part in bringing this about. Sanders supporters are a pretty passionate group, and apparently can be just as violent, if not more so, than Trump supporters. These are two groups of people who are pretty angry and outraged over the way they are being dismissed. It’s a pretty volatile situation, and if people don’t calm down, and really start to think about the consequences of speech and actions, it will get a lot worse, before it gets better.

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