Shameful? Do you know what’s shameful? Your apparent ignorance of the staggering numbers of death caused by this American empire. It’s certainly not just “one man.” That guy was a stand in for millions, if you count up all the horrorific sick deaths that occurred in the institution of slavery alone…not to mention the indigenous people here.

America is a government and an ever expanding empire. Empires are historically built on the slaughter of lots and lots and lots of people. Some people point to this to say, hey, America is just like any other empire. That’s true. But we have to embrace all of the truth of that. We can’t just pretend that these horrible things never happened. That’s crazy making. That just allows the continuation of senseless slaughter of innocent people just because.

There has to be a better way to build empires. This is my point. These problems are not American, they are human. There is a portion of humanity that is sick of this!!! We are just tired of all the violence, fear, control, inhumanity, we are sick of it!

In order to change it, we have to acknowledge it. We have to say, “enough of us doing the same sick shit! Decade after decade, century after century, millenia after millenia, just enough!”

I do not want to compare America to Nazi Germany, but the truth is, it is an apt comparison. Also to compare Rome, Egypt, the Ottoman Empire, The British Empire, the Russian Empire to Nazi Germany is also appropriate.

Umair is right, we want to keep turning a blind eye…we want to act like a this is some freak thing in Nazi Germany. It’s not.

Millions of people are always being slaughtered to serve the expansion of some empire, somewhere. Or just some generally hateful political bullshit: Syria, North Korea, Australia, Serbia, Kosovo, Armenia, Rwanda.

This disregard for human life is everywhere. To act like this isn’t the truth is to lie (to ourselves mainly) about the sick, sick nature of our world.

Yes Umair attacks America and Americans, and as I stated, it’s not fair as we are not unique in our complicity with the inhumanity all around us. But we (and when I say we I really mean humanity) we gotta start being honest about the horrors we have collectively created. If enough of us really say: “Enough!” (And not just enough for this group it that group, but for EVERYONE!) The world will change…it will have to.

Working with the Light!

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