She lost for a lot of reasons, and a lot of valid reasons, but racism and sexism certainly did have a great deal to do with her loss. She probably would not have lost if she was white and male; also she didn’t lose by much as she won the popular vote.

There were a lot of reasons this election season was a disaster, and to make it totally about Hillary or Trump is to miss the point of what is really going on globally and nationally.

The current leaders being groomed are leaders who will agree to all sorts of corrupt, nefarious and dubious activities, and it really doesn’t matter which side they are on, as long as they are essentially in agreement with global powers that want certain things to happen.

People are attempting to revolt against this. A lot of people believed a vote for Trump was a part of that revolt. It wasn’t. But he certainly got a lot of people to believe that.

Working with the Light!

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