She’s not African-American, and probably has (certainly many immigrants of color do) a disdain and contempt for African-Americans…we are not stupid.

With that said, as people in this country attempt (or not) to reconcile this country’s sins, these structures Democratic and Republican have made it abundantly clear that there will be no real attempts at reconciliation at anything, but attempts at pacification (which is all Kamala Harris is) while keeping everything exactly the same as it ever was.

So black lives don’t matter…black women have been treated horrorifically all throughout the entire history of this country’s establishment…so let’s now run a black woman (kinda) in order to pacify the collective outrage over this multitude of racial injustices that have been occurring for centuries.

Except…this woman is not really representative of most African-American women. She cannot relate much to their plight, and instead is highly identified with everything establishment, and that includes an automatic dismissal of any real concerns of the African-American community.

And this is honestly the game Democrats have been playing with African-Americans for forever…the dangling carrot that never materializes into effective change that improves the lives of African-Americans, but even worse, somehow warps into something even more sinister (Obama/Trump) that makes their lives that much more hellacious.

We are not alone in this however, this game gets played with all kinds of political factions. The vote has become increasingly meaningless over time. All it does is determine whether someone in a party called Democrat gets to usher in an agenda, or someone in the Republican Party will do it.

All we are voting for, is for certain politicians of a certain party to keep their jobs… beyond that the agenda is largely the same. The ways in which it differs (pro-life/pro-choice) matters very little to the powers that be, while mattering tremendously to the people. This is what keeps us invested in a system that is largely oblivious to us, what we want and what we need.

There is a larger agenda, that is entirely indifferent to people and even the politicians have become largely unnecessary to it being carried out.

The real power force behind these agendas is unknown and unseen; and it doesn’t care whether the puppets are Democrats or Republicans.

Working with the Light!

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