He’s not China bashing, He’s bashing imperialism, facism and, totalitarianism bashing. Surely we are not going to pretend that China’s government and policies treat people well. Most people in China are not treated well. When I was 10 years old, which was well over 30 years ago, I saw a picture in Life magazine of three beautiful Chinese baby girls laid out like little jewels under a tree. They were beautiful. I thought the photo was so artistic and taken for that purpose. Imagine my surprise when I read the caption…that they had been left there to die; and that furthermore this was a common practice due to this “one child” rule. Being so young, I immediately decided that this was a country that must be filled with demonic monsters! What kind of people were these Chinese people??? 30 years later, I realize that they are just people who have been brainwashed by some deeply corrupt form of governance, same as we all have. The Chinese people are not the problem. But the Chinese systems and thought processes, corrupt to the core. They need to change, same as all the rest. People are tired of all the corruption, tyranny and fundamental disregard for human life.

Working with the Light!

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