Sigh…Ezinne…when I read pieces like this, it’s very clear to me that you are from AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT CULTURE…you might be black…but you ain’t an African-American and you are CLUELESS as to how that whole plantation mentality works…these are all African-Americans and sadly…The majority of us STAY on that fucking plantation, psychologically….and…it’s getting worse not better. I blame Trump, got these folks so terrified, they grasping at their chains and shackles and jumping back into their subservient spaces, beatin the hell out of Monique cause she refuses.

Meanwhile…I’m looking to distance…yeah technically I am African-American, so I totally get the culture, and why everyone is beating Monique down like she is a dog. And it ain’t right. It’s downright disgraceful…and I am ashamed…and, you know all of this plantation shit, makes me not want to be “black” no more…at least not this kind of black. Sometimes African-Americans are THE WORST racists America knows and I am sick of them!!!! I don’t want no parts of THIS bullshit!!!!

I can’t pass for Nigerian…trust me…the Nigerians would never have me…but that “biracial” box is looking awfully attractive to me of late…and technically I can check it…I got A LOT of European DNA.


Charlemagne “tha total asswipe” crawled deep up into that racist white girls ass (Tomi Lauren) and said something to the effect of most black woman ain’t half the woman she is or some other crazy, sell out “Ize jus a dum-dum stepit and fetchit nigra massa” bullshit.

If I knew NOTHING else about his sell out stankin uncle tommin ass, that is ENUF! Nothing that n@gga says will ever have any value to me…and yeah, he’s a n@gga and I don’t mean that in “no nice way.”

Working with the Light!

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