Sigh…I agree with everything you day here…but what’s the point. We are being played! If it wasn’t totally obvious under Obama…and as bad as things were in 2012, it was clear to me…no matter who we vote for it’s the same basic programming that gets run…and every year it just gets a little worse (these past two years a lot worse) and that’s the message.

Our political system has been completely hijacked by big money, and big money allows two choices: bad and worse. This is the plan, the destruction of a democracy where people actually have a voice. A democracy where you can effectively vote to keep led out of your drinking water…oh except you can’t. A democracy where women can vote on the many options they would like to see with regard to their reproductive health, oh except they cant. These losses have occurred.

If you consider yourself a human, you should be able to see just how awful things are; but partisan politics blinds people and retards them, and that’s on both sides.

We the people are dealing with the worst corruption and destruction of our democracy that I’ve ever seen in this country…and yet…Democrats are like…well…let’s just wait and see…vote for ME in 2020…maybe I can make a difference…kinda, sorta, maybe…

You gotta wonder about that. So now here’s the set-up, we’ve all been exposed to a horror show for the past two years, and no we’re being told Biden’s the only solution (and given demographics and polarization, that’s probably true). He’s our consolation prize for all of our resistance…if we can get it.

This is big money’s way of saying: you will never get what you really want, no real progress, no real change…we can make things much worse, frighten you, make you miserable, grab you by the pussy…but we’re never going to allow anything to get much better than Joe Biden. That’s your best bet…an old white guy who is mildly competent and runs the plays precisely as directed. Get that deal if you can, 99%…as Obama once said, “it’s the best deal you’re gonna get” and he wasn’t lying. (He wasn’t talking about Biden, but NAFTA I think. It was a trade deal that just sucked for the US but Obama was like, I dare you to think you can do better.)

But, that’s where we are. You’d better grab Biden while you can because the alternative is four more years of a completely unhinged demagogue who is probably trying to bring back public executions for anyone who dares to offend or slight him. And we as a country are suffering through this because the plutocrats (probably just for kicks) decided to change of the script a little and put a person of color in the Oval Office, deeply enraging the Pub base on that fact alone. Trump is Pub base revenge. Partisan politics aside, it’s hard to not be resentful.

But in reality, the Democrats and Republicans are flip sides of the same coin. They work for all the same plutocrats and these plutocrats are totally indifferent to the needs of real people.

They have consistently hampered any ability for any real progressive change to take hold. They were never going to let a Bernie run, nor a Warren either. The choices are always the same limited choices, except the quality of choices are getting worse. It used to be a choice between two equally bad choices, not so anymore. Biden or Trump is a choice between bad or ten times worse? What’s your choice? This is what they’re setting up, right now.

I’ve never felt like it really made much difference who won…no matter who wins, things largely stay the same, but that’s no longer true.

We really are at a point where we have to choose between retaining any semblance of a democracy or giving into a dictatorship, so almost any democratic candidate is better, practically speaking. I know it’s not what anyone wants to hear ( I don’t want to hear it) but it’s true.

I agree with you. I don’t want Biden. No one really wants Biden. We deserve better than Biden.

Working with the Light!

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