Sigh…Other countries being very fucked up, is not an excuse for us to go there. We are supposed to be better than that. We are supposed to stand for something…these days we are standing for absolute chaos, insanity, tyranny, narccisism on steroids and all other manner bull, moose and elephant shit!

It’s a whole lot of SHIT!

And the racism is almost fucking besides the point, says the black women with three sons, who never get the “white boy treatment.”

And I could go on and on and on and ON about the “white boy treatment” but you don’t wanna hear it. Cause you are a recipient of that treatment and you fucking love it! And you do not want it to change. And you are seriously threatened by the fact that it is changing! (Oh shit! What the fuck are you gonna do now white boy, that the 10,000 breaks you’ve been given over the course of you life are down to about 1000?)

I’m being flippant. And I am annoying the hell out of you right now. I realize this, but this is how annoyed I feel every time I hear a white person like you say some stupid, stupid shit about racism in America like:

“There is no racism, like because Oprah and Barrack Obama! Everything is good and fair now! Because two black Americans out of 30 million are rich! And I just can’t stand it! It really fucks with my sense of white entitlement and privilege. Blacks are just so lucky we got rid of slavery and plantations!” (Except we didn’t.) “So shut up about race!”


As long as I have to worry about my sons get shot down in the street like DOGS because all of America’s police force STILL ACTS AS IF THEY ARE CATCHING RUN AWAY SLAVES OFF A PLANTATION,


It is the epitome of white privilege for you to even open your mouth and pretend to know a goddamn thing about racism in America.

TRUST- You know NOTHING, Jon Snow.

PS — The Border is fucking Auswitzch- lie to your fucking self if you want to, and if that makes you feel better, but don’t bother bringing that shit to no one like me. I only do real talk, not fantasy land bs talk that will ease all that white guilt you ain’t dealing with. If you care, to have some real talk about racism in American, check me out at my publication #crossingthecolorlines. But we know you don’t really want to have a real conversation about race in America. This is so evident from your comments here. Total lala land about it. Is your ignorance bliss? Nah, not really. That’s why you’re whining and crying about it in the comment section.

Working with the Light!