So…and this tends to be a general theme among many Trump supporters, because you are miserable, you want everyone else in the country to be miserable? You want Trump to just destroy the country quickly (which is exactly what he is doing) so no one will be happy, healthy or safe?

Well unfortunately (for you) it’s not going to work like that. There are people in this country who are doing incredibly well, and they will continue to thrive even under Trump, because what determines success is to a very large extent- and listen closely because this is such a Pub buzz word, you should know this- personal responsibility.

When you fail to take responsibility for your own life, and seek to blame your failings on other people, your misery about your life, will never change. The answers are never outside of you. Never. Some times they appear to be, though. But that is a distraction.

Obama matters very little to your personal life. Trump matters very little to your personal life.

When you connect anything that they do, to what is personally going on with you, you’re playing a game you can never win. Never.

The people in your personal life are what most directly impacts your personal life. Start there. Want good things for them. That will in turn bring good things back to you, but only if you are sincere. Want to really shake things up? Sincerely want something good for someone that you really can’t stand. (Most people can’t do this.) But, I swear to you, I swear, the second you do this, really amazing things start to happen for you.

I want really amazing things to happen for you! Peace and God bless!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!