So Caitlin Johnstone is right, the world really IS run by psychopaths and Murdoch is one of them. The name Murdoch sounds like the personification of “murder.” If Murder could talk wouldn’t it sound like Fox News? Thus is creepy…super creepy.

Anywho there is a HBO show called “Sucession” which everyone seems to think is based on that family. This family of nonhuman things, delights in harassing and tormenting everyone they interact with, killing them and evading any liability for it, turning on one another, humiliating one another…for all of the money they have they are the emptiest, nastiest, most miserable and vile people ever depicted in media! They make the characters on Billionaires (a similar styled show) seem grounded and well adjusted by comparison. They’re not. The billionaires can be pretty awful too…they take such delight in eating tortured baby birds…(yeah that’s a thing for billionaires, makes you wonder what other kinda sick shit they’re into.)

And yet, the fictional Murdoch family, is far more depraved, than those billionaires. Watching Succession, for me was like swimming in a pool of diarrhea. Just watching the fictitious experience of THAT family, made me feel filthy, and sick to my stomach like I was complicit in committing crimes against humanity.

I never knew there was a real monster behind Fox News…but oh my, if Rupert Murdoch is like the dad on Succession? What an absolute monster is he!

Working with the Light!

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