So does “Russiagate”! You just don’t like those facts, as they don’t support whatever your agenda is. Everyone is in the business of misconstruing facts, distorting facts, creating facts and even “alternative facts” to support their agenda.

Just enough. Plenty thought that Birther crap was buckets of cray cray, just like people believe Russiagate is buckets of cray cray. Yet people believe strongly on both sides. You will never change that.

As for me, I largely don’t care about any of it. It was silly, simple and stupid when it was being done to Obama, and this would have been silly, simple and stupid with Trump, except Trump has got some corruption going down — Russia or whatever, the money game with Trump is hell of shady. It is good Trump’s got special investigators checking in on him, day one. Yeah that’s a good thing, cause it might not be Russia. But Trump’s hands are not clean. He needs a Mueller type to keep him honest.

Working with the Light!

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