So I guess this is an argument for laissez faire capitalism or some other such nonsense?

Just let everyone do whatever they hell they want? All that does is create what we essentially have, a huge underclass to serve a tiny criminal psychopathic overclass. People the world over are sick of that.

I’m not going to debate the successes or failures of Dem/Pub policy, because its obvious, at least to me, how all the policy has been deeply, deeply corrupted. Greed being the primary corruption factor. Greed knows no party lines or boundaries. Plus the Dem/pub thing totally ignores the whole international political scene. By comparison to third world countries, Americans have done a damn good job of staving off bitter, starving to death poverty. Few Americans know poverty that severe. I mean if you want to talk about poverty, lets look at China and India -where there are well over a billion people, in each country, and yet only a few hundred million in the middle class AND they just did that….like this century. So I don’t know about all of this rapid poverty plummeting that you speak of. Seems like it remains a pretty big problem worldwide.

But, back to America, I would say the war on poverty had its wins, but you’re right, it certainly didn’t accomplish what it set out to do.

So what are we doing now? We are watching all of our corrupt systems crashing down, meanwhile new ones are popping up, on new platforms and paradigms. Like it or not, the future is Google. Don’t know if it will be better, but it’s going to be different, which is to say, these Dem v. Pub conversations are ridiculously old fashioned and increasingly irrelevant.

There is no more Pub party. Trump nail-coffined that, and not in a good way. I don’t know what the clusterf@ck of a congress is supposed to be now, but it ain’t Dem/Pub.

And…it’s now blatantly obvious that this never was what it was supposed to be, so I don’t understand why you keep wanting to rehash old political theories that NEVER were, what they seemed to be anyway. What is the point? It’s a dog chasing tail endeavor.

Working with the Light!

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