So interesting…I swear these phones listen and react. My son was telling me about this song this morning, and how smart he thinks Drake is to deploy this concept (it’s certainly timely.)

But I don’t love Drake’s “Nice for what?”As I find it to be disingenuous, as is almost everything that Drake does.

My attitude about Drake is “listen to Drake for what?”

I’m too old to care about the lyrics of a young poppy rapper and too cynical to believe his poppy half-Jewish ass does something for anything other than money. He certainly doesn’t do it for the culture…but that stopped mattering decades ago. So I guess Drake is as good to get paid, as any of the other sellout rappers, the last rapper to talk about anything real involving the culture, was Kanye in 2006.

Don’t know what happened there, but someone got to him and shut him the hell up! Issued the directive “no more rapping about real shit in African-American culture!”

And from that point on, all Kanye ever talked about was booty. Did you notice that change over?

And make no mistake, when hip-hop started it was ALL about the culture, African-American culture, of which Drake, ironically enough, isn’t even a member.

And it’s not to say, he doesn’t have some flava, because I realize Drake isn’t white. But, he’s certainly very white-ish, especially with regard to the manner in which he has capitalized off of a genre born out of African-American strife and struggle, and made himself rich. A tan Vanilla Ice…that’s Drake. Except Drake has kept his hustle afloat for so much longer.

This is all, in my view and my sons, nothing more than another manipulative ploy for Drake to get paid.

Are all the black and white actresses being paid commensurate with their white male counterparts?

Ahem, cough, cough! I’m betting NOT!

But it was a pretty interesting video to watch…at least there was that. Plus a nice shout out to Lauren Hill, though she really doesn’t sound like herself in the remix.

I think there was a fair representation of the Hollywood women of color: Issa Rae, Tiffany Haddish, and those girls from Blackish and Black Panther.

Working with the Light!

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