So many media storylines that have been repeated Ad naseam. The media doesn’t like Trump, Trump doesn’t like the media. The media is liberal (what that really means is I am a conservative who gets upset whenever the media doesn’t report exactly as I would like them to, which is the way that Fox does.)

All kinds of information out there everywhere. People tailor their information to their likes and dislikes, and only consume what they want. No one is ever going to persuade anyone out of their deeply held views no matter what the media reports, so the media is largely irrelevant.

The Trump approval ratings …no one cares. And…the more the media talks about what the media is and isn’t, this becomes more background noise that people tune out. The media is biased against Trump, is the boy that cried wolf. Maybe the media is. Maybe it isn’t. No one cares anymore.

What people care about are the things that impact their lives directly: jobs, healthcare, education, taxes. If that doesn’t pan out well, there will be outrage.

Working with the Light!

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