So much to think about here. What has captured me is the spirituality piece, and how even if you consider yourself a spiritual person, holding Donald Trump, in a space of “loving compassion” somehow doesn’t feel entirely correct.

I’m not quite sure why.

Certainly, I don’t wish ill or harm on anyone. That’s a basic spiritual principle one needs to observe for themselves, and not for anyone else. So I wish Trump, no more or less harm than that which he creates for himself.

But neither am I going to waste any energy trying to interfere with his karma, whatever it maybe.

And I find it difficult to summon “loving compassion” for an individual that seems loveless and compassionless. But my spiritual self tells me that’s just my perception of him…and I could be wrong about it.

Plenty are saying, and logically of course they are on point: Trump brought this on himself! It’s ridiculous to see a victim in all of this!

I agree. Clearly Trump volunteered for this COVID experience.

Being in the deep throes of the COVID experience, however, he is probably rethinking the volunteerism; and perhaps is in need of loving compassion. But we live in a world where love and compassion is routinely withheld from those who are absolutely the most deserving of it, precisely because of the dictates of those like Donald Trump.

That’s where it gets weird. Would Trump want or value for himself, that which he deprives so many others of? That which he openly mocks? If you send this sort of energy to Donald Trump (and plenty are certainly doing so) is anything likely to even come of it? Is it wasted energy?

Is Trump even the point? Probably not. This maybe an individual spiritual test…can you hold love and compassion for an individual who does not appear to value these things at all, and has caused harm to many.

I once read a short story, about Hitler meeting with an afterlife counselor. The counselor was constantly drinking from a flask while talking to Hitler about his various crimes against humanity.

Hitler was unapologetic…and irritated with the counselor. Finally, he demanded to drink from the flask, just like the counselor. The counselor asked, “are you sure?” Hitler demanded to be able to drink. The counselor obliged.

Consuming the drink, Hitler screeched, “what the hell is this?!?!? It tastes awful. It makes me feel terrible!”

The counselor responded, “it’s pure love, mixed with a touch patience and compassion -it’s what allows me to speak with you.”

This parable makes you think, our love, or compassion, is maybe exactly what Trump deserves.

Working with the Light!

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