So now I am a CT apologists. JUST WOW. Are you kidding me right now? Probably not. Lemme ask you something, why does this comment get so many responses? Are yall getting paid to respond to this? No...probaby an AI bot response. This comment gets more responses than ANYTHING I have ever written on Medium, and MONTHS after I have written it!

Now I have my own conspiracy theory about the labels thrown onto and conspiracy theorists…(and the new labels being created — CT apologists, Really? REALLY!!!)

Honestly, I could care less about most conspiracy theories or what any random person thinks about those who indulge them.

There are A LOT of STUPID SHEEPLE..who do not want to think AT ALL…and just believe WHATEVER smarter and powerful or just more manipulative people want them to believe

If you are attacking CTers you are probably a frightened sheeple OR a vile manipulative person working hard to control what other people think.

But using official narratives to control what people think is getting harder and harder and harder to do…and so we have endless conspiracy theories circulating and this nonstop attack of them (and generally anyone who thinks outside of the official narratives. ) And while I don’t create conspiracy theories, neither do I blindly accept any “official” narrative; and it would be impossible to do in any case as the official narratives are so patently false/ and based on lies bordering on ridiculous fantasy and or so extremely polarized.

Almost everything circulating in newsfeeds is SOMEONE’s conspiracy theory, but also someone else’s TRUTH. It’s nuts.

Black Lives Matter- is both my truth and my conspiracy theory. I am black…and my life matters…that is my truth. But the minute Amazon and the NBA start spouting this phrase like it is a new form of “branding”…something is up… I don’t know what…but the Conspiracy Theorists are running wild with it. I sort of listen to them, just so I can understand what kinds of cray cray half the population is into.

About half the population believes BLM is a hoax, or a set up, or a George Soros funded initiative. They also believe that Qanon is apart of some secret military that is saving all the children from nefarious forces that are raping and eating them.

I will be the first to admit that this all sounds fucking crazy, but the WORLD right now is FUCKING CRAZY. So who the f*ck knows? Trust no one, has ALWAYS been my motto. Authorities have always (as per the x files) been into weird and freaky shit, and have always lied about it.

This is a time where that above fact has become REALLY OBVIOUS.

So almost no one is believing in authoritative “official” narratives anymore. For one thing, they just don’t make any sense. hence the proliferation of Conspiracy theories. People are trying to make sense of a reality, that no longer makes any kind of sense.

The CTS are running with their theories and are digging in deep with them…and it is breaking down consensual reality. I even wrote about that:

At any rate…I await a response which I suspect is not forthcoming…I suspect that some AI bot has latched onto this comment, and every few weeks or so comes back with the same BS “CTers are crazy!!!!” Way too much commenting on this post…and it always seems to follow someone ELSE clapping for it…got to supress the idea that CTers are not just crazy fools…well…good luck with that AI bot…good luck with that! There are millions of CTers deep into their beliefs with religious fevor.

And given the bullshit those who control information system and flow are trying to get all of us to believe (“shit is good for you!”) who can blame them?

Working with the Light!