So regardless of anyone’s beliefs about anything — idiocy in thought, reasoning and logic is working my last damn nerve.

“Feminism” is far to large and complicated a concept to just relegate to a non-working status. It is like saying, “democracy does not work” or “capitalism does not work” or “communism” does not work. Or “human relationships do not work.”

In all cases, far to broad a statement, for the vast term. You could say, “IN MY OPINION, these COMPONENTs of feminism do not work.”

Of course that would mean you would actually have to have an understanding of what “feminism” actually is. That, for example, there are many different types: like economic feminism, social feminism, academic feminism, radical feminism, “Twitter” feminism (so my son tells me), first, second, third and fourth wave feminism…yeah it just keeps coming.

Feminism is, for me, the basic idea that women have basic rights like voting, owning property, getting educated, choosing a profession of her choice even if it is something like auto-mechanic, having control of some your own reproductive health etc. and none of these rights should be taken for granted as in the 1970s in America women were still fighting for all of this.

Don’t like feminism? Then shut your female mouth up. Get raped and get pregnant. Have no opportunities to do anything about it, other than being shunned for being a worthless poor unwed mother, that no man wants to be bothered with taking care of, because you can’t work, you can’t own any property, you can’t even open a bank account.

That’s the kind of life you want? Well practice what you preach, get off of Medium, sit down and shut up and don’t talk to any damn body but your man, if you can manage to get one, because without feminism, men have all the power, so what do they need whining, pathetic women like you for?

They don’t. And they don’t want you having any ideas of your own. Just sit over in a corner looking pretty, keeping your self in the kitchen, pregnant and cooking and cleaning and getting smacked around whenever your man has a problem-any problem-and needs to release some tension.

Does that get you off? It must because that’s the world without feminism. And we know this, because we only have to look over at extreme Islam, that half the country is so terrified about, to get a look at life without feminism — there it is. Move to Afghanistan and embrace the life, since “feminism doesn’t work.” The Taliban clearly agrees with you.

Ron Collins, is this me being condescending? I think this is probably what you were talking about when you said I’m condescending. Is this really bad? I should try harder right?

Now, for intelligent conversation, certainly there can be components of feminism that you don’t like, that you think don’t work. It is fine to say so.

But, it is not cool to attempt to destroy entire concepts that directly relate to women and children’s ( therefore humanity’s) well-being, by throwing around a a few big words that you do not understand, like “feminism” or “straw-man” or…and I really hate this idiotic made up nonsense “virtue-signaling.”

When you step to me, come correct, please. Oh…and enjoy your holidays!


Working with the Light!

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