🤣😂😭 so true. They loved you when you were going hard for Hillary (and you were…it was getting to be a lil disturbing, at one point.) I know they want you to go after Biden like that…and anoint Trump as the savior to mankind, as so many of them have.

Those who are not easily duped tecognixe that the whole thing is theater. The stuff about screaming in the theatre is funny. Is that why people don’t like us!

The stuff about the US empire…do you think everyone in the world is waking up to it? Or were those in other countries already aware?

Americans are coming to terms with our empire, and how it was built literally on the blood and bones of all kinds of people, but certainly people of color.

I think Americans are trying to understand their own complicity in the extraordinary brutality of American imperialism or exceptionalism (depending upon who you’re talking to and what lies they want to spin to themselves and others. )

As to the brutality, (and the complicity with it) so many Americans are saying to themselves (and others) “yeah I’m okay with it. 7 shots in the back to a father trying to get to kids steps away, I’m good with that because…” and then they come up with all kinds of lame bullshit that they think sounds like a good justification.

But the real reason they are good with it, is because they are good with life not mattering (and they certainly could care less about black lives mattering.)

They are fine with life being sacrificed in extraordinarily cruel and unnecessary ways, as long as it preserves the status quo within the American Empire. Realizing that status quo is in jeopardy anyway, they certainly are fine with sacrificing whoever to keep whatever beneficial vestiges they can grasp for themselves in tact; and they don’t give a damn if they have to shoot 1 million black men, women and children in the back. Oh they will Nazi, they will Holocaust. No problem…they just don’t want to own it for what it is, just like you said.

And they have never given a goddamn about anything that happens to anyone outside of this country, as it relates to the maintenance of the American Empire…you gotta kill 1000 babies a day? So I can have cheap gas? Yeah, I’m good with that…says the above mentioned American.

Working with the Light!

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