So true; and because of the way mainstream media works (or doesn’t work) it is really difficult to get an idea of what is going on holistically with the country. But in the last decade, a lot of greedy and corrupt nutter butters — I’m not going to call them Democrats or Republicans, because that’s not the point — have been making deals with all sorts of devils. They make deals where communities pay more for less civil service! Everything, the schools, the utilities, the roads, the trash, law enforcement- it all gets worse, meanwhile we pay more — and these political sociopaths have gotten very rich off of these deals, though probably not as rich as they’d like.

Take the councilman from that film Promiseland. He promised to provide fracking rights to the town for around 30 million or so. I can’t remember but he was banking on a paycheck so big, a reasonable person could understand how he’d be tempted to throw away an entire small town for it. (Still kind of grimy though, since he grew up in this small town and all these people trusted him. He was going to deliver the town to the energy corporation for 30 million.) But the energy corporation — via its spokesperson Matt Damon- takes one look at this sheister and clearly unimpressed with this dime a dozener- counters with something like a hundred grand.

Boy is the councilman hot! He counters back with how he won’t do it for less then 30 million, because he knows the land is worth 300 million (its not his land, mind you, what he’s offering is to get the townspeople to vote to let the energy corporation come in and do as it pleases.) But Matt Damon is like whatever. Take the 100 grand — or nothing. We willl figure out how to do this with or without you.

And so…he takes the one hundred grand. He sells the community out for pennies on the dollar.

This is happening all over America.

I’ve seen it in my own state of Virginia with education…the systems are being ridiculously dumbed down and Community College students are expected to pay more for the faulty education. Many educators, to their credit, resist — but many do not because resistance is a lot of work.

What can we do about this? These kinds of people- greedy sociopaths- are and have always been a threat to stable systems everywhere. We have to call them out, I think. We have to at least acknowledge that this cancer exists in our system, vote against it, and hold these people accountable when they steal from us.

But its not so easy. Greedy sociopaths tend to use the same tired divide and conquer game plans and people fall for them every single time. Look at the current election. How much time did we focus on what everyday Americans truly need? Very little. But a tremendous amount of time and energy spent on dividing people up into certain camps. It is almost hunger games like. People wake up!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!