So true. Steve McGrath went into a long, weird rant over my mentioning UBI. I’m still not sure why that irritated him so, but I realized to get to the bottom of it, we’d have to debate the merits of the huge ponzi scheme that money already is…and God, don’t want to get in to all that.

The truth is the whole global monetary system is a house of cards…a game that only works because we all agree to play by certain ridiculous rules, that if we ever fully examined, we’d all have to admit, “oh this is all some bullshit! Smoke and mirrors, cloak and daggers, the house always wins, Vegas bullshit!”

But none of us do that cause we all got some skin in the game…that we don’t want to lose. Plus we all want to eat, and drive cars, and buy stuff.

So…we keep pretending we got a functional monetary system, like we all pretend like we got a functional government.

Because who wants Venezuela? So I guess when you talk about screwing around with our house of cards, fragile though it may be, people freak out, cause they don’t want Venezuela.

John Hopkins why are you so opposed to UBI, is it because of Cait’s points? (I think I heard you voice similar concerns.) I am just looking at this system…concerned that any day now it’s gonna blow…and thinking we need some other options.

Maybe UBI, maybe something else entirely, but I feel like I can almost feel the entire system swaying back and forth…and yeah it will probably take a good 50 years for it to completely be replaced, but money as we know it, the whole system is changing. Moving more and more from paper to digital.

I hear bitcoin, is quite a thing outside of America. Is bitcoin replacing the US dollar? You think? What do you know about it, John do tell.

Working with the Light!

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