So your soundbites about America are hardening. We’re all idiots (the Greek definition of course) for always and forever.

America has been so many things…yes many of them twisted and sick as you describe (slavery was a definite Cancer ravishing black and white Americans alike). George Mason, a founding fathers out of Virginia was written out of the history books, precisely because he spoke out against it.

And yet, I know all about him. How is that? Well I live in Virginia. I toured his plantation where the historians kept accurate records about it all…the told they truth and shamed the devil. This is America. There has always been resistance to the evil among us…and to act like there never was does a disservice to so many Americans living and dead who fought hard for what was right.

Lincoln and JFK are probably the most well known do the right thing Americans. Everyone knows what happened to them. There is a price to be paid for trying to do the right thing in America. Millions of Americans have paid that price though. Let’s not completely ignore their existence.

America is a lot of things, some good, some bad. Some dark, some light. Right now everything is so gray. Everyone has an agenda. The pandemic has at least 201 agendas, and the revocation of civil rights and civil liberties certainly seems to be one of them. Mandatory vaccines another. Cool new big pharma drugs, crazy expensive (even though Americans have clearly stated a fatigue of Big Pharma and it’s incessant drug pushing) are yet another. The destruction of the small business, another as well.

So yeah, the “idiot” Americans are protesting, all sorts of agendas that are being nonstop rammed down our throats.

Everyone has an agenda. Yours seems to be to make sure everyone in the world knows that we’re all a bunch of idiots.

And …you’re partially right. But only partially. It’s impossible to know, much less tell, the whole story of what’s really up with America right now.

It is clear that it’s a clusterfuck…and has been for at least the last decade. Sigh.

Working with the Light!

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