Some, but very few, Americans think this is a possibility. Most Americans are incredibly ignorant about US foreign policy. Most Americans are clueless as to how deeply we are disliked all over the world, for our foreign policy, because we don’t even know what are foreign policies are. Most of us are clueless as to the role the US had played with the current problems in Europe and the Middle East.

But there are those who think that the US, China and Russia are going to fight it out over whatever it is that these countries want in Syria. They think it could lead to WWIII and they do think HRC is ready, willing and able to go there.

I personally have no idea whether any of this is true. If it is, our mainstream media has told us nothing to indicate that this is the case. All we hear is that ISIS is terrible and we have to stop them. All the news about whats really going on in the world has to be derived from other sources. Its difficult to know how reliable these sources are.

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