Some how this hardly seems like the right answer either, but you got your finger dead on the pulse of the current situation.

Trump is not going to win because people want revenge…no…it’s so much more extreme than that. Legions think Trump is a hidden, beleaguered, unfairly treated JFK-Jesus style savior, who will save the children. Yes I do realize the irony, kids in cages not withstanding. In many echo chambers Trump is a save the world, sort of hero…the passion, the emotion behind the support of him…there is no reasoning with that. And as intensely as people dislike Trump…there are those who absolutely despise him, there are just as many, if not more, who absolutely adore and worship him (around a collective fantasy they have created about him saving trafficked children.)

That sort of energy…yeah he very well could win yet again on the strength of that. I mean if I truly believed Trump was saving children from torture, you couldn’t stop me from voting for him.

And…on top of that, no one adores Democrats, for all of the reasons you outlined above….oh the smugness…it’s not pretty.

When Trump is the only one standing up for the little guy (and apparently the children, but not the ones in cages) we are all so deeply fucked.

Working with the Light!

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