Son of Baldwin I didn’t say you did, and I wasn’t really responding directly to you on this.

You walk up to that line, but you don’t cross it. At least not yet. Which is good for you and important too, cause quick karma is a mfer; and we are all dealing with forces that are moving more powerfully and quickly than ever before.

It is important to stay in the right side of them. That’s why I work very hard not to wish death on anyone, even people who deserve it. I don’t want to get caught up in that karma. But that’s just me.

You do you. I support your posts faithfully and I truly think you say things that need to be said.

I differ on the feelings, though. I do care about the woman’s death, especially since I think it was to prove a point and not to care is to miss the message — now that is directed at you. There is a larger message here. You kinda speak to it, but it gets a little lost in the “I don’t care” rant.

I really think the woman’s death is a message, for every single white person who has bent over backwards to justify all those black and brown murders. That is a form of wishing death, at least in my view. If it is not wishing death, it is having such a calloused disregard for human life that, said person should have zero expectation of having their own life valued.

gxorlando, for example, should expect no tears to fall for him should police happen to mistake him for a suspect of some petty crime or another, lace him up with 20 to 5o or so bullets, and go on his way to the next to town with a raise. He should not expect justice, but rather justifications…the ones he is so adept at spewing.

Now, you don’t do that, so no I wasn’t talking to you, about wishing death on anyone. But when you say you don’t care about Justine Diamond, you are definitely walking close to that line…so I suspect it’s your own conscious nagging at you. Two wrongs ain’t never gonna make it right. You know it, but I suspect you say these things to be provocative.


If you’re gonna write it, you gotta live with it, and have some thick skin about it. You’re clever, frightfully clever and so you always manage to justify why you are standing so close to that line with a logic that really cannot be defeated.

And in this way, you really get under the skin 0f collective white racist consciousness, and when you do that…well that’s progress. Very slow, very hard fought for, but still progress nonetheless.

So…as long as you do that…I got your back. I really do. I ain’t mad atcha.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!