Soooo…I read your response…and then I read the article you provided in the link, and I was baffled!!!

You read that article and you still fail to understand why African-Americans don’t identify as American first? And you want to lecture on assimilation? That’s mighty white of ya!

But anyway, since then, I have revisited that whole concept and I do identify as American. But it’s pretty pointless if you don’t leave the country or interact with nonAmericans.

Those are the only times that American identity becomes an issue. Otherwise, we’re all Americans, and being crazy gung-ho about it is just weird. Like being white, in a roomful of white people and being super excited about being white. Race only becomes an issue when your race is in the minority, and the same is true for Nationality.

It becomes obvious that I’m an American if I am in Africa. But here in America, being American, is just the norm.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!