Sorry. I’m done entertaining the Russian disinformation strategic intervention. Russians have no business interfering with American domestic policy or discussing our internal systems.

Russians have a tremendous amount to gain by destabilizing American systems, preying on the divisions and weaknesses in them; and for some reason Russians are seemingly super interested in American race relations. Why the interest? There are no black people in Russia. These are issues with which Russians have zero experience. You will never understand American race relations. And yet far to many Russians are trying to weigh in on issues that have zero impact on them, their country their way of life, why?

If you are Russian, you should express concerns about how all your news is fake and any real journalist is shot down in the street. You have your own problems. You live under a government regime that controls your mind and your body. It’s pretty terrible. Discuss that with other Russians or Ukrainians and how you ended up there, if you can. Be careful though. I understand that Russians are usually killed for discussing such things. Even texting with me might make you a target.

Look, I’ll be concerned with slavery and it’s impact, meanwhile Russians need to limit their concerns to Stalin and the 8 million Russians he killed because he was a lazy and crazy dictator who had no better solutions. I’m not going to be idiotic enough to say that modern day Russians aren’t suffering heavily to this very day, because of the abhorrent actions of that crazy dictator. Is Putin any better than Stalin? It’s my understanding that lots of Russians are really suffering to this day. Putin, Stalin the same dictators keep repeating. History repeats itself, don’t you see? You shouldn’t be idiotic to say that African-Americans are still not suffering from the impacts of slavery.

Work on Russia, if you are Russian. Concern yourself with your country’s problems. American slavery has absolutely nothing to do with Russians or Russia.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!