Sounds like a plan to me. You know things are exactly as you described them above, and yet somehow I’ve stopped caring.

I don’t know if this is some sort of defensive apathy (my caring doesn’t seem to change anything so why bother to care) or if I am evolving to another sort of thought reality. Maybe Donald Trump only has as much power as I give him, and if I give him none of my power (my time, my attention) he has none over me.

The man is a nutcase…that hardly seems worth pointing out anymore. Yes he has surrounded himself with criminals and military men…soon we will have a vast criminal military, due to the incompetence of the Don.

But my thought is that we can only control our own reality, and maybe the best thing any of us can do toward that end, is not feed the Donald. Let’s think on other things! Real solutions we want to see! Yes the Don is quickly destroying the old…but what about the new?

Working with the Light!

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