Sure. I understand it. But it is so prevalent everywhere that identity politics IS politics.

What does it mean to be a Republican? Well first you have to be an American. There are no British Republicans, there are no Egyptian ones either.

Next you should be white and male. You don’t HAVE to be, but you pretty much should be because Pubs are typically only concerned about what affects white men. Now sure you can delude yourself, pretend this is not the case, whatever…it is what it is. Also, you should be a billionaire. That goes for both parties and that’s quiet kept, but both parties really only concern themselves with the concerns of billionaires. But that’s not the party line, the party line is clearly that Pubs represent the average concerns of the typical white American man, primarily this idea that this particular person with this particular identity must have and be in control of everything and everyone in the country.

Now, let’s flip it. What is the Dem identity? It’s Everyone else. And since there are sooooooooo many different identities vying for attention under that tent, since it’s not the homogeneous boring white male only “identity politics” the right claims that the left practices “identity politics.”

It’s another clever rhetorical trick. The left supposedly caters to all the various and fractured pieces of its constituency. (It really doesn’t.)

But in order to stop them from even attempting to try, the rights rhetorical trick is to complain about “identity politics” in order to stop people on the left from talking about things that are important to them.

I am a woman. Reproductive health is important to me because I know that women will die needlessly if this isn’t adequately dealt with. I get organized with other women, that’s an identity, who care about this, some may identify as feminist some may not, I really don’t care, the issue of health is what’s important to me.

But now comes the vicious attack on women who identify as feminists. It’s “identity politics” and that’s a new idiotic buzzword being used to shut them down.

Now you’ve totally derailed the conversation about reproductive health. Oh that’s so clever. Women wanting to be healthy, organizing among themselves is now “identity politics” and that’s evil.

Stopping women from dying, has some how become evil “identity politics” through these idiotic rhetorical games.

I am not playing. I am not playing your games. I reject the term “identity politics.”

I call bullshit. I honestly don’t know if you think you’re fooling yourself or you’re fooling me, but either way, I am annoyed. I am highly annoyed that I must take the time to explain why bullshit is bullshit. This is a stupid tower of babble conversation-where I have actually taken the time to explain to you that you have created a term THAT MEANS NOTHING.

I can’t think of a more useless, worthless, meaningless term, than “identity politics.” Well, actually I can, here are a few:

“Spendable money.”

“Livable Housing” “

“Edible Food.” “

“Wet water”

This conversation is like talking about the pros and cons of wet water. Okay let’s see, wet water, quenches thirst, dry water doesn’t really exist.

When you are talking about removing identity from politics, you are talking about an idea or concept that does not exist. This is idiotic.

Do you really think that you are saying anything to me? I think you might believe that you are.

Here is what you really want to say about “identity politics” no identity, except the white male identity, shall be discussed, considered or valued in politics. The minute you depart from the concerns of the normal white male identity in a political discussion, I’m going to lose it! I’m going to cry and throw a temper tantrum about the dangers of “identity politics.”

This is myopia and narcissism, at its worst.

Now that is all I have to say about this idiotic term “identity politics.”

Identity IS politics. Just ask a Lannister. They always pay their debts. And they took that identity all the way to the bank and conquered Westoros with it.

Working with the Light!

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