Sure! It’s not likely to be what you are looking for however, boring stuff nothing as provocative as anything I post on Medium.

I am in the business of Title IX compliance, providing colleges the guidances needed to be in compliance with the Title IX portions of the 1972 Education Act. It’s all very legalistic, which is to say boring!

But, in order to apply a legal policy, and fairly, it requires the sort of moderation that I am speaking to. You have to consider all sides of the issue and try to create a policy that is relatively fair to everyone.

Everyone is in an uproar about the new Department of Education guidelines with regard to sexual misconduct on Campus (most notoriously known as The Dear Colleague Letter.) These guidelines are extensive…and they are largely unfunded mandates (that never goes over well). Is it really fair to tell an institution is just HAS to do a ton of stuff, but then fail to provide it with funds to do it? This was the federal government’s position, under the Obama administration. It will probably be revised under the Trump administration. But Campus sexual assault is such a hot topic, no politician wants to touch it really.

Now because there is so much awareness of campus sexual assault, colleges and universities are being sued right and left for not doing what they have been mandated to do. The typical college is going to have no clue how to do what they have recently been mandated to do under Title IX, via the Dear Colleague Letter and Campus SaVE Act, because, it’s a lot of stuff.

Furthermore, the objective of all these guidelines is to change sexual behavior in people who are very young, without providing any funds for the schools to do it. So a school that would even try is fighting many uphill battles (human nature, for one), with at least three sets of people: students, faculty and administrators. Bring in the lawyers and it truly gets untenable. But that’s what’s happening in Higher Ed.

This recent case, at Howard University, is something no school wants to have in the news. But these stores are breaking constantly. I basically tell schools how to avoid law suits like this one.

You can check out my website, but like I said, it’s mostly summaries of laws and policies…kind of the stuff you only want to have, if you are in a position where you need to know it. (If for example, you worked at Howard, or Baylor, or the University of Tennessee or the University of Virginia.)

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!