Thank you! For me, it’s an experiment or an excercise in trying to understand all of these things that we don’t understand or have forgotten about consciousness. Really what I am interested in is consciousness, I think the Mandela effect is just a symptom.

I feel like human consciousness has been locked inside this little tiny box of the five senses, much to our disadvantage. Although that comes mainly from the West. Other cultures, certainly African and Asian cultures have a more expanded view of consciousness embedded inside of them. Concepts like umbuntu, totally foreign to the western mind, but it just makes so much sense when you can expand your thinking to accept it. Everything is connected. Eastern philosophies toy with this same concept in a number of ways.

The West, Having spent so much time and energy investing in the concept of separation, Has reached the limit on it. I think the pendulum (globally) is swinging back to connection.

If you accept that everything is connected, it’s no big leap for you to be able to play the songs that you want just by thinking of them, because you’re not really separate from the player.

I am doing these sorts of thought experiments, lately. Focusing on changing things at thought and energy levels, instead of trying to do anything physically because I think that’s actually backwards. Train your thoughts on a thing, and wait to take the right actions.

But my sister and that friend I was writing about earlier, we are always telepathically linked. We think of each other, and then we call. And one always says, “I was just thinking of you!” It’s pretty cool!

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!