Thank you for recognizing that there is just something not right about this.

There is is something deeply disturbing about one's first gut instinct being a need to find a way to justify what are often heinous murders.

What is that? I really want to know. I find it disturbing.

Everyone should find it disturbing. The way black people are being graphically and horrifically killed should cause any human being with a pulse, a certain revulsion. But far too many Americans (most, but certainly not all, white) work really hard to justify truly horrific murders. This is sick.

These days, knowing that I live in a society where so many sick minded people, who will excuse all kinds of violence, up to and including horroriffic, graphic, brutal murder is incredibly depressing. I see monsters everywhere...and they are just ordinary people. That in and of itself, is quite the mind fuck.

Working with the Light!

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