Thank you for this article that provides a pretty in depth explanation of rape culture. It’s a term that I struggle to understand, because, honestly, it’s just such a horrible term — rape culture. There has been a lot of push back against this term, because it just sounds so extreme. My first thought, when I heard it, was that the term expresses the idea that we live in a culture where everyone rapes. That seemed extreme. Who wants to accept such a dire assessment of our culture?

But to say we live in a culture that normalizes rape, now I see the distinction. Well, the reaction to Donald Trump shows that here is a huge percentage of the population that is willing to normalize and even dismiss sexual assault, just as long as the perpetrator is white and male.

Explaining the term with a very clear, very visceral set of behavior and responses on full display, for all the world to see, provides validity to this term, I think. My understanding has broadened; and I think others will too. Thanks again.

Working with the Light!

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