Thank you! For your very lengthy response, to Umair’s article, (which then became an article.)

There isn’t much to disagree with here. Yes Umair captures America aptly, in a dark glass half-empty sort of way. And yes, he’s an actual poet I believe. Telling the truth the way poets do? Well if he said, “I’m taking poetic license with this…not ALL Americans.” Well maybe I could agree. But, he didn’t do that…and he surely hit a nerve. And…the nerve is just as you said: things are not getting better. They are getting worse, and worse and worse. I suspect we all know this, All Americans know this in our heart of hearts, we do. But we feel powerless to change it, because as I said in my response to Umair WE HAVE TRIED. We have done nothing but try! And single time we move one way, to change for the better, a nefarious (almost invisible) counterforce comes in changes everything around, scrambles it up, and makes it worse.

The Affordable Care Act (also known as Obamacare) have you read it? 10,000 pages of insanity. It will have a wonderful provision, that will be followed up by 19, terrible, horrible, no good, very bad, provisions.

It reads as if junkies and addicts wrote it…and in fact they did, because profit seekers run our government…they slink into it no matter who we vote for, our what those we voted for promise us. These profit seekers ARE addicts. They are addicted to “profits.” They will do anything to get them. They will corrupt any system. They will “kill their mama for a hit” (as is often said about addicts.) In this case though, the “mama” is our country.

I refuse to take the blame for this. This isn’t my fault. This isn’t any average Americans fault…not even the Trumpsters. Americans have a lot of flaws…and yes Umair points out what a lot of them are. One is a very loud and extreme sort of ignorance about basically everything going on elsewhere in the world (that is absolutely the worst with white male privileged Americans, but that’s all of us to a certain degree.) An immigrant friend pointed this out to me, about me, while calling me a “silly, stupid American.”

Okay…I had to concede her point…yes, my lack of awareness about foreign affairs and how America’s policies were impacting people around the world, did in fact make me a silly stupid American. But from the point forward, I tried to learn, and grow, and not be that. Which goes to my point, we’re not bad people.

I remember when September 11, occurred and we were trying to figure out who targeted America, (and quiet as it’s been kept we never quite figured that one out…and a lot of Americans believe it was America who targeted America.) Now these people get labeled crazy conspiracy theorists kooks…but they’re not that. I actually listen to a lot of what they have to say, and a lot of what they say actually makes sense. With a lot of them, a lot of it doesn’t. But I would never wholesale write all of them off.

Anyway, I digress. When we were blaming Osama Bin Ladin for 911 (I think that’s the party line…and yet we went to war with Saddam Hussein? Over weapons of mass destruction that clearly were not? So many lies…no one can keep them straight, not even our own government.) My Haitian immigrant friend said to me, “I want to tell Osama, hey! I live here! Don’t hurt me! I didn’t do anything to you!”

My response to her was…he doesn’t care! Why would he? All the hurt America has done to people in other countries who have done nothing to American politicians. Did the Iraqis hurt George Bush? No! But that didn’t stop him from going over there and taking out a lot of them. Politicians and rulers largely don’t care, about people.

But people care about people…even AMERICAN people care about people. Though Umair would have us all thinking otherwise.

I think that doing what keeps your spirit alive is probably the best thing that anyone can be doing right now. We are powerful, us humans. Very powerful. But only when we understand who we really are. Only when our consciousness is sufficiently elevated, and now is the time. We are being tested like NEVER before. Keep your spirit up, trust yourself, know that: this need not be!

Working with the Light!

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