Thanks for responding! So excited to hear from someone who also “gets it!” Even though, it is an daunting task to attempt to put ACIM into words…and I’ve given it a lot of thought how to go about it…many years and have come up with nothing. But last year, I joined a study group and that really deepened my understanding of the Course. All we did though, was tell each other stories about how studying the Course drastically improved our lives…and so I said to myself…well…let me try to write about that, at least.

As the days become just ever so daunting, I find myself reaching for the course…almost in desperation, pleading…it has to workit just has to work…and it does.

It would be great if we (those of us who have studied it extensively) could make it more accessible, more real to people, just by sharing our personal stories with it, just as you have here. My experience with my group shows me that it’s important…in this way we encourage each other, and gain a deeper understanding of ACIM, dense, unfathomable text that it is…some how it works…

Think about writing on one of your personal experiences with the text and publishing here…or on your own…whatever! We need to get the word out! We could see peace, instead of this…and I know that’s what I want to see (instead of anything, on that horrific mainstream media!)

Working with the Light!

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