Thanks for taking me to a Trump rally without me actually having to go there. I love to read about them because you can’t find any videos of them online (why is that?) and the little quick sound bites of them, are just too bizarre to be believed.

What are the requirements for attendance? Do you have to be white and seem angry? I ask because the peaceful Muslim lady was forced to leave even though she was just giving out pens. Does it cost money? Is paraphernalia sold there? What about food? So there’s really a lot of screaming? It still seems too bizarre to be believed.

Even if I were a Trump supporter, I’d never go to such an event because it just seems incredibly unpleasant. Standing around with a bunch of people screaming hateful things? Its not even like a football game, where there’s a place to sit, something to watch. I guess they are watching Trump.

The only political rallies I’ve been to, I was forced to attend by employers. One was for Bill Clinton, the other George Bush. Both were unpleasant because of the crowds. (I hate crowds.) But both of those crowds were fairly well behaved. Both presidents talked their talk — Republicans are great, Democrats are great, America is great, blah, blah, blah. They all sound like sophisticated versions of car salesmen…and I say that to say this…these events are not fun.

I had the chance to see Obama…passed. Better things to do, even though Obama can really talk that talk, and make people hope. But its still just talk. That’s what politicians do, they talk big and accomplish very little by comparison. All of them. So who falls for any of it, anymore? You’re an idiot if you do.

It blows my mind that anyone would go out of their way to listen to Trumps really bad sales pitches. What’s in it for them? I just don’t get it, still. It sounds like Trump supporters are motivated by and energized by a hatred for Hillary? (And also anyone nonwhite apparently, except for the nonwhites who also agree to hate anyone nonwhite.)

It’s fascinating in a frightening way. I have no doubt in my mind, this is how normal people turn into Nazi’s and other genocidal maniacs. Trump is bringing to light all kinds of predatory evils, sexual ones, murderous ones — and the thing is — for most of his life, he seemed so average, fairly normal at least. I never knew that he was so inclined to so much evil.

Unfortunately, evil is the one thing that politicians can effectively accomplish via talk. I have no doubt that, because of Trump sexual assault will increase, violence against women and minorities will increase — and nothing will improve for Trump supporters. He promises nothing substantial — except evil. God help anyone who has put their faith in Trump.

Working with the Light!

Working with the Light!