Thanks for this. Ninety miles away in Woodbridge, Virginia and I was like WTF?Obsessively watched the whole thing, grew outraged over and over and over again.

I want to know the truth about what happened and I feel like stories like yours may be the only place the truth can be found.

I talked to a friend today, with connections to Charlottesville. She has many friends there. Has tried to get me to visit many times. I’ve always declined. Woodbridge is as far as I want to go South in Virginia. But even though I know Charlottesville is Southern racist, it’s not that kind of racist. I mean Nazi’s, KKK, torches, terror — that’s a whole other level of racism.

Anyway, my friend cried. She had friends at that statue. She told me, what they said was done to them, and she cried.

People are in pain. Serious pain, but you are not alone. I think the governor responded appropriately, and I think this shook the nation, and other states are also responding appropriately.

Anyway, I’m going to write on this. Articles like this are informative. I want the truth to be known. So again, thanks!

Working with the Light!

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