Thanks for this lengthy response! It is rare that I receive any kind of in depth commentary on any of my posts of this nature, so this was quite refreshing!

I’ve heard this also, (that we humans are a hybrid of aliens and I suppose something akin to a chimp, or prehistoric man.) It boggles my mind! There is a You Tube personality Fluer Brun, who talks about all kinds of species of aliens that she claims exist on the earth, right now as we speak! Most of us are just oblivious, because I guess they are shielding and or not in or range of vision, or whatever. According to her, Reptilians are just one type of alien, but are a type that seem to be having the illicit relationships with humans. A lot of humans have reptilian DNA according to Fluer. And a lot of these You Tube personalities and channelers do speak to reptilian consciousness or dark consciousness, suppressing humanity.

When these people describe reptilian consciousness, they are basically describing the colonial/imperialist mindset. So yes, it is very clear that the consciousness is here. I just wonder, is it humans that are responsible for it, OR was it something that was inherited from another interfering species?

It’s just A LOT to try and process. But, it makes sense when you consider the biodiversity on this planet alone! There are just all kinds of living things here! There certainly could be entities here that we are oblivious to…I think of ants. Aren’t they oblivious to us? It doesn’t mean we are not here. The same could certainly be true for us then. Another species could be here, and we’re just completely oblivious to it.

I am interested in consciousness that is beyond what is considered “human,” because I some how feel connected to some other type of consciousness, like Tesla, for example, when he said, “if you want to understand the secrets of the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.” This some how resonates with me.

If you’re a light worker, your job is to figure out how to work with energy, frequency and vibration. I have been doing this intuitively all my life, but it’s not something I was ever taught. It’s not something that was ever discussed with me, but some how, I know how to raise the energetic vibrations and frequencies of a room, and the people in the room.

I have even seen and heard light language, and feel some kind of connection to it. It is not native to earth, I don’t think. But because within me, I feel this connection to something beyond and other than what typically presents in human consciousness, I seek.

This world does not make sense to me. It seems backwards, dense, slow, dark, the vibrations are too low. There is a perpetual sense of discomfort here for me because I seem to have memories of something else. Experiences that are lighter, quicker, faster, much easier.

I understand intuitively, that I work with love and light, literally, in a variety of ways, but it’s difficult because of all the low vibrating energy on this planet. But because the energy is shifting (it is, I can feel it, on the entire planet) I try to be diligent in doing my part in the shift.

Mostly it feels like flying blind. There have never been many people who can relate to what I am trying to express, but it seems that more and more are waking up every day. I don’t get dismissed immediately for expressing these ideas, like I always used to.

I do not identify with heirarchical, reptilian, imperialistic, colonial consciousness. Something about it seems very off to me, very dense-to the point that it makes me feel physically ill to be to close to this consciousness. Most humans don’t seem to mind it; some definitely like it; but that seems to be changing.

I’m convinced that the shift that moves humanity forward, out of misery, grief, scarcity lack is one of consciousness. Recognizing the limits that have been placed on our consciousness (by whatever) is how we begin to remove these impediments.

It looks like we’re trying!

Working with the Light!

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