Thanks for writing this. I wondered what all the hysteria was this book, American Dirt, but didn’t want to sift through all the noise. I asked someone (a librarian of all people! To explain it.) She refused to do so, in a huff! She was in her feelings about it! Unusual behavior for librarians. So I gave up.

You very concisely explained the all the issues, quite nicely. I get it now.

Given your summary of it all, I think something bigger is happening. I think people are tired of the exploitative nature of capitalism…for that reason they are questioning and in fact balking at millions being made off of the true life tragedy of millions of brown people being treated in the most inhumane of ways.

What is the point really? Is anything really going to change? OR is this just capitalism profiting YET AGAIN off the blood and bones and suffering of disenfranchised people. A lot of people KNOW it’s just the latter. The disenfranchised know…and they’re kicking back hard.

It’s so unfortunate that this writer lost out on what should have been a lotto win. It does really suck for her. But when you think about it…I mean really think about it, it’s really quite sick that these are the kinds of “hunger games” we’re playing.

Can we get this slightly more privileged-albeit marginalized and traumatized individual-to entertain us with clever tales about very deeply underprivileged and marginalized and traumatized individuals-because she lies all throughout…and tells us a tale WE WANT to hear…that is in no way, near the truth, but it sure as hell will sell! We can make millions of off this! (I mean it really is like the hunger games, think about it.)

We need to be questioning all of this. Really? This is what we’re doing? A lot of people are like, hell no. This is not what we’re doing. Not anymore.

Honestly, there is something happening with human consciousness. We are questioning all of this sick predatory behavior, and either refusing to participate in it, or trying to shut it down.

I do agree that the author probably got a raw deal. She wrote the wrong book at the wrong time, and it’s not even her fault. But, as all those industry types know, the market is fickle.

But even worse than that, the sheeple are waking. They are quite pissy that the market wants to entertain them with stories about their own slaughter and/or lack of humanity.

Working with the Light!

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