Thanks Jim, for all your good work here

I am working on a piece called: my son’s here, he’s queer, I’m getting used to it.

This was inspired by a viral Tik-Tok video with him screaming about Jason’s cock, and me telling him to shut up about that.

If you don’t know me or our family dynamics, it could be assumed that I’m homophobic-but thats not it. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for him to be hollering about anyone’s cock like that. I’d say The same thing to him if he were my daughter.

If ya wanna see the video, you can check him out on Cammy Dubbs on Instagram.

It’s funny! Really! Two million hits funny. Even I have to admit it’s funny! I didn’t know I was being videoed…I hate the way I look in it, BUT, even I gotta admit it’s funny!

My brother, who is gay, said, “Its smart for Cam to go for the LGBTQ audience.”

I said, “it’s not a marketing ploy…I think Cam is queer.”I never really understood what that was, or how it was different from being gay…but enter Cam, who wears skirts every other day or so, and he swears he’s not gay. BUT I mean come on skirts? I mean I don’t even wear skirts! Not unless I absolutely have to!

This is a 6’6” tall Black man…Wearing a cheerleader’s skirt on TikTok.

He’s something…it gets him into A LOT of trouble with the hetero menfolk, but he refuses to stop. I think he’s…this must be what “queer” is.

My brother sent me several definitions of “queer.” I pointed to one of them and said, “oh hell yeah. That’s him in a nutshell.”

Working with the Light!

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