Thanks Paul! At first I thought this was nuts! I read Moby Dick. HATED IT!!!! Thought Benito Cereno was 20 times better. I was like, “Paul be tripping…this ain’t nothing like Moby Dick.”

Then I thought about it…Moby Dick was about the chase…then I was like, “oh! OH! I get it!!! He’s saying Jaysen is chasing Autumn!”

Wow. I totally get it now. The male mind…never thought of it that way, but you’re right!!!! It was definitely a chase! (I know I lived through it, and at one point I felt I was running for my life!!!!)

All I got to say it this: I am one hell of a runner! But, yeah, yeah, you’re right, the guy is totally chasing the girl.


I feel like I never really found it. The actual person the character Jaysen is based on, I can tell you he was chasing me…I had no idea, to this day, what that was all about. And…I can’t ask him, cause he’s dead. Soooooooo, it’s just always going to be a mystery to me…but I don’t even think he knew what for.

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