That can work for an independent like you…I don’t think it can work for our politicians because they are a part of a machine. I think if they fail to capitulate they will be rendered powerless…how else can you explain their capitulation…even when they are 100% on point with what they are saying.

It is racist to bring a black woman to a congressional hearing as a prop. But when called on it, Congressman Meadows lashed out against that truth so ferociously, the Congresswoman who said it, had to walk that back: the act was racist, not the Congressman.

Whatever…it’s very problematic when we can’t speak the truth AT ALL, because people in power dislike it so! The Republican Party is racism AF! The Democratic Party too…just diffferently. America is a country Literally BUILT on racism!!!!! But we can’t discuss that?

When a Congress woman brings up blatant racism, she’s attacked! We can’t talk about how blacks are America’s Palestinians.

But antisemiticism…by all means, we can discuss that all day long! Just refusing to call Isreal the greatest country in the world is the worst kind of Antisemiticism…and it’s unAmerican…and unchristian (yeah they’re pushing THAT narrative in evangelical churches.) Sure Isreal won’t be satisfied until they stomp out every Palestinian alive…but IGNORE THAT, Ignore your own countries history with horrific treatment of minorities to this day…and let’s keep talking about what happened to these Jews well over 50 years ago…it was just the worst kind of inhumanity…we don’t have that going on today…not in America…not in Isreal…blacks and Palestinians not withstanding…

The hypocrisy is ASTOUNDING! Almost anyone who wants to can see through the narrative, but worst yet, people are creating their own, because they are so frustrated.

I mean there’s the whole Q narrative. Do you believe it? Worse yet, do you believe in it? OMG…I think it’s pure fantasy, but a lot of people are captivated by it.

Here it goes:

Q (A rogue deep state agent) and Trump are working on indictments to bring down all of our corrupt politicians (ie all the former ones dating back to Bush junior) on pedaphilia. Seriously…that’s a narrative…that a lot of people believe, deeply.

And…can you blame them? When the media lies to you so much, you start guessing about what’s really happening in the country, and you can land in some pretty bizarre counter narratives. The more people who believe them…the more real they seem. I think the whole Q thing is ridiculous! But people I trust, are telling me it’s a real thing…just watch…wait and see…Trumps gonna fix all of it. Hillary is going down…Obama too…the Biden’s…the Bushes. They’ve all been going down for a while now, according to Q. And sometimes aliens are thought to be involved…I’m not making this up…some people claim they are in ships hanging around the earth…waiting for a signal…

It seems insane…but I think this is what happens when you divorce narrative from truth…anyone can do it…not just the mainstream…and the crazy thing about the Q narrative is that no one in the mass media is even pushing it! And…apparently mass media is concerned that it’s such a thing! It looks like mass media can’t decide whether to attack the Q narrative (hence bringing it more legitimacy) or to ignore it…hoping it will die out.

It’s not going to die out…it’s fueled by hardcore Trump supporters and the deep hatred they have for establishment politicians. That hatred runs deep…and every week they wait with baited breath for mass indictments against all of them.

What keeps them going? Sheer hate, I think! And a complete distrust for and disregard of the mainstream media, which honestly can’t be trusted…maybe we should all believe in Q instead. Honestly? I would like to…but the fact that I’m still invested in this idea of truth prevents me from doing that.

Upside is no one has control of the narrative anymore. Mainstream is desperately fighting to maintain some kind of control…it’s not working. Q is winning, for better or worse.

Working with the Light!

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