That is actually affirmative action, which is not Diversity. Yes many corporations simply slap the term “diversity” on an Affirmative Action plan, because they want to be on board with the whole “diversity” thing and that is a real easy way to try to do it.

The affirmative action methodologies are a tangible springboard that can be used to examine “diversity” on the basis of race and gender and sometimes other dimensions. But really, with diversity, you look at the workforce, see who is there, what they do, how they do it, how they feel about it etc. Is everyone working at their full potential? Etc, etc.

I see your point though. Corporations do play all sorts of games with language and so you get no argument from me on that. Just looking at the stats, and trying to manipulate them is not managing or leveraging diversity…and in the article above it looks like that’s all they’re discussing. Sadly, that has very little to do with diversity.

Affirmative Action is something else entirely, and we could go on and on and on regarding whether it is necessary or not. But we won’t. Given today’s economy, it is largely irrelevant, anyway. Globalization has changed everything and even more sweeping changes are looming.


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